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Why should I trust Homey? Who are we?

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We are a team of experts in software, design, and real estate. The way you buy/ sell your home after agreeing an offer is outdated, we are reimagining this process using technology.

Having been backed by some of the UK's best minds, we are creating a digital solution to this problem for you can buy/ sell your home faster, more easily and with certainity.

What's the catch?

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We are and always will be completely free for estate agents! We are also often cheaper for buyers and sellers to complete conveyancing.

Through technology, we make the work of our solicitors easier and faster, so they complete their work in less time and solicitors share what they earn with Homey.

How do I use Homey?

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If you are an estate agent, sign up for a demo and we will reveal the magic to you from there!

If you are a buyer/ seller, at the moment, we only can offer conveyancing for you if you are referred through one of our estate agent partners. Once you are invited to the platform, you will have the option with proceeding with a Homey solicitor.

How much does Homey cost?

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We aim to be the most cost-effective conveyancing service on the market. That doesn't mean we will always be the cheapest, but we are certain we are the best value for money, hands down!

We charge a small fee to conveyancers for saving them approximately 5 hours/ transaction, so there is no extra cost to you as the buyer/ seller!

We’re building the future of conveyancing...

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